Established in 2003, Romano Logistics (hereinafter the Group) is a group for the companies founded in Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore, Israel, Russia, and the US.

Our vision is to provide boutique services for online shops including sourcing, purchasing, order managing, warehousing and global last-mile solution.

During the past few years, the Group’s exponential growth in turnover speaks for itself, that for now we have been running business with more than 200 online shops around the globe. Meanwhile in 2021, under a soaring demand from the market, our warehouse expands for another 2,000m² for better management and processing of SKU inventory (>100,000) as well as customer orders (>50,000 per week).

With modern and standardized warehouse investment, we create a secure and orderly storage conditions for your products: humidity controller to protect products from moisture; well painted and paved construction to offer dust-free environment; advanced extinguishing facilities in case of any fire alarm.

The QC (Quality Control) team shoulder daily responsibility to guarantee goods are received and delivered with minimal quality issues, speeding up the packing and transport as a whole and further refresh your e-shopping experience.

With your trust of our worldwide logistics service, we sail the parcels in safe and intact shipping around the world, particularly with our exclusive logistic development in Israel, UK and USA, as well as the upcoming expansion to the market in Russia and Brazil.

Israeli Native that living in China for 15 years, hobby wind-surfing and basketballs.

Mr. Azran Ishayahu - Founder and Director

Motto of life, Once you will be good to human race, only good things will happen to you

Study in Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University, major in ACCA, hobby flower arrangements.

Miss Elisa Lee - C.F.O

Motto of life, What does not kill you makes you stronger

Study in Guangzhou University, major in logistics management ,hobbies photography and travelling.

Mr. Andy Lee - Warehouse Manager

Motto of life, Patience is my key to success

Study in Guangdong University of Foregin Studies, major in International Business, hobbies reading novels and exercising.

Miss Cassie Lu - C.E.O

Motto of life, With great power comes great resonsibility

Major in Modern Business Management, hobbies cooking and singing.                                    

Miss Vicky Zeng - Purchase Manager

Motto of life, To be both a speaker of words and doer of deeds

Many years experince in managing the pick&pack field, hobby cooking.                                 

Mrs. Wendy Wang- Pick&Pack Manager

Motto of life, There can be no economy where there is no efficiency