Romano Logistics established in 2013 as a part of Romano Projects Ltd.,(HK) and the Chinese Company named Foshan Haoyimai Internet Technology Company(佛山好易买互联网科技有限 公司).

The vision of Romano Logistics is to provide boutique services for online shop owners. Our services include sourcing, purchasing, order management, warehouse services, and worldwide delivery with our own line with last-mile delivery.

Romano Logistics grew up in 2019 by 150% and by 220% in 2020.  Today we work with more than 200 worldwide online shops, managed more than 100,000 SKU inventory, and processed more than 50,000 orders every week. Because of high demand, we rented another 2,000m² warehouse space in 2021 and we are keeping growing.

Our well-developed warehouse that is based in Shunde, China gives you professional fulfillment services that you can build on and get advance in the online market.

Because we understand that you can not personally check your products on a daily basis our QC (Quality Control) team will do it for you and check all the goods that arrive at the warehouse and will report if there is an issue. Once we get your orders, we will pick and pack the products fast and safe.

Romano Logistics has established business relationships with varieties of carriers and developed a special lane to Israel, UK, and the USA, and soon to Russia and Brazil. Our delivery method focuses on speed delivery together with a reasonable price of the market.

Israeli Native that living in China for 15 years, hobby wind-surfing and basketballs.

Mr. Azran Ishayahu - Founder and Director

Motto of life, Once you will be good to human race, only good things will happen to you

Study in Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University, major in ACCA, hobby flower arrangements.

Miss Elisa Lee - C.F.O

Motto of life, What does not kill you makes you stronger

Study in Guangzhou University, major in logistics management ,hobbies photography and travelling.

Mr. Andy Lee - Warehouse Manager

Motto of life, Patience is my key to success

Study in Guangdong University of Foregin Studies, major in International Business, hobbies reading novels and exercising.

Miss Cassie Lu - C.E.O

Motto of life, With great power comes great resonsibility

Major in Modern Business Management, hobbies cooking and singing.                                    

Miss Vicky Zeng - Purchase Manager

Motto of life, To be both a speaker of words and doer of deeds

Many years experince in managing the pick&pack field, hobby cooking.                                 

Mrs. Wendy Wang- Pick&Pack Manager

Motto of life, There can be no economy where there is no efficiency